###Pros of Nil Helps keep lots of developers employed. Would Sentry even exist if nil didn’t?

###Cons of Nil In Ruby, every object returns something. Sometimes this is nil in undefined keys in arrays, nil is returned. in undefined indexes in hashes, nil is returned. some things can protect against this. functions with the bang method throw erros with nil

Rails does some good things to throw errors on nil and give the stack trace. It’s not super useful to get the error at the end. There are ways to show the stack trace where the error is occuring. Using functions like fetch help in this regard


  1. Discuss it, share about what was learned, agreed with, or disagreed with.
    • I don’t feel like this video had a lot of opinion. Mostly facts.
  2. https://proto.mudbugmedia.com/Mudbug/Training/_Destroy_All_Software/das-season-1/das-0002-how-and-why-to-avoid-nil.mov

  3. The Destroy All Software videos go very fast and are very dense

  4. Make sure you plan accordingly and give it the time you need to take notes and rewind if necessary
by Jacqui Nelson